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Hey man sorry thought a lil kontroversy would bring some ppl out of the woodwork...
No offense intended, for realz. I just thought that article was funny.
Still have lots of detailed instructions to post if you wanna make up.
I dont know what it is I always considered you brothers its just
I guess my personality is just annoying in textual form lol.
any way if you want to shake hands i have plenty of quality material to post maybe we can make this place look inhabited. Posting here sure could help me review the years of material I have on file and my instructionlists are second to none interms of detail.
well what ever you decide heres a sample i was looking at the other day. This one is so great i encourage you to check this one out if you ever have the chance...

The Urge / Receiving the Gift Of Flavor + Tron

blue! this movie needs more yellow...

damnit. my blind guess was 5 seconds off.

any way you could str8/flip and use sarks buttons/ yoris panel to pull up the hidden track (skip silence) unless you can fill it yourself(im thinkin gnr niceboys (why is wrekless life too big? ill cut it!. 'painting the roses red'... (ask dr octogon about blue flowers. ooohh dr. o and tron hmmm...)) actually the second sinch is a [come on] if you take the first button. that will teach you how to write the program list. (ooh out to get me!)
now i know programming a cd player is like tieing your shoes standing up. your @ss gets an itchy inpatient feeling and you feel like youre being watched. if you have a terminal rig, ie you play simultania with a computer
you can drag and drop cd and mp3, so programming setlists becomes its own video game. its a boss feeling. you straightplay legalists should get with it!

(NB: i put alot of my programs (especially the really complicated ones) on mixcraft timelines these days...playback is way ezier and any moves or switches or cheats can be built in to be automatic so all i have to do is open the file and press play (while clicking play lol) you can add flags with notes or instructions and adjust and tweek things for perfect playback if you want..basically what you would do if you were making a finished video but using live video to a music program rather than expensive video program like Vegas (or a cheap one like WMM!) so its still live playback. But ofcourse my instructions are designed to work with a simple mp3 player/playlists like WMP/Winamp or even cd or youtube if you dont own the music)

a beginner would be tempted to be satisfied with themself after this linear button line. alot of people are hindered from switching by some imaginary pretense
(they dont feel safe outside of their fated bubble. witch is a sham that keeps them controlable! lol) if you usually need this pretense of 'fate' to justifi your interest (a main reason people synch) remember every cd player has a shuffle, and your fated world will get bigger!

setvhs = 13, 0:01
(unpause 13, 5:01 at opening electricity)(err)
$repeat = [sending me to play games who does he calculate he is]-on
$repeat = [you guys are invited]/[greetings programs]
hey look a blurb. that yellow beam has a black smudge until his hand moves over it.
$repeat = kissing

------end of line--------------

now if you really want the goods you have to press some buttons (its f-ing tron man!)

setvhs = 13, 0:10
(unpause 13, 5:10 at opening electricity)

13, 5:21 = Tron title flasher.

blurb 13, 7:11 = film blurb/skip (sark image does a flicker wiggle).

change 5/6
1,2,3,4 6 5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

repeat 0:07 slow:

$repeat = [without permission from master control prgoram]-on

+ .02 , red words jump. (notice potential 1/11 switch)

beat 1, 0:10 = {mean while in the real world}-off

2, 0:00 = tank turns./

beat 2, 0:10 = tank hits wall.

beat 2, 0:15 = hatch opens.

beat 2, 1:09 = clu hits wall.

we shouldnt make clu yell, that is a false marker
affirming the 2 second difference.

3, 0:00 = [flynn][yes]-on + .01

beat 3, 1:20 = button.

4, 0:00 = [you hear what you just said]-on + .02/[here goes]

6, 0:00 = /[that master control program]-on

'cans' = pepsi can./

5, 0:00 = [the all time record coming up]-on + .01

beat 5, 'go' = win.

7, 0:00 = [thus begins]-on

this song describes nested loop error decoding.

why is his name WALTer

8, 0:00 = [now that is a big door]-on

9, 0:00 = [get me that chinese luanguage file]-off

11, 0:00 = [tough case treat in the usual manner]-on

12, 0:00 = [ive got to see the guy in charge]-on

13, 0:00 = crom raises arm./

after silence,move:

chord 13, 5:22 = sark smacks button.

tada. slow the restart 15-20 ish

$repeat 7, 0:00 = [you must return to gaming grid this is an illegal exit], [gold 2 to gold 3]-on + .01e
or last lightcycle fully exits shadow.
10^2, 0:00 = [and communicate with him]-on

3^2, 0:00 = [come on] + .01

4^2, 0:00 = dont look now but that recognizer lost its shoe.

6^2, 0:00 = [yesyesyesyes]-off/

first beat 8^2, 0:00 = punch.

1^2, 0:00 = [proposition at best]-off

11^2, 0:00 = []-o

9^2, 0:00 = /[ahhh]-off

2^2, 0:00 = [everything youve done is according to a plan]-on/

12^2, 0:00 = []-o

12^2, 0:24/5 = blurb erase.

13^2, 0:00 = []-o

To eliminate silence before secret track:

$stop film at [do something with these controls]-on

(control(s) plural!)

$move/pause cd at 13^2, 5:20

$start film. $unpuase cd as yori pushes button

so that

first sound 13^2, 5:22 = panel light up.


$repeat, 7^3, 0:00 = kissing/panel play arrow light blinks.

the exact length of the album from sarks button smack interestingly enough (randomize!)

10^3, 0:00 = [luaghter]-on

4,6 thru creds


I challenge anyone to watch this synch and say it aint on purpose lol.
Simply put, Tron + RTGOF is one of the best!

-Oh ;)

^secret track is track14 on this list

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 4:49 pm
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