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Hey Wendy! seriously. Caught one up your alley maybe. Not sure where youre at on captions, so perhaps this one you'll affirm as the program and the caption confirmations are simple and to the point. You might even cheese on how little ambiguity and how much obvious correlation there is here. No need to point out to you the creation dates on these 2 sources, other than to give that Oh wink in hopes to perk your interests.

Anyway the literal lyrical data is here visually (like "listen to the wind blow' = luke in blizzard, multiple look backs to "dontya look back" ) as well as being fully grounded rythmically. Hopefully you'll have some satisfaction should you choose to investigate this paticular solution to these simultanii. WITH closed captions! which confirm early at [...wont take long] /=/ "when you wont take it from me" and continue on thru the film with much humor and affirmation.

And there are a couple of humbly observed [Oh' confirmations here...

Fleetwood Mac Rumors + Empire Strikes Back original (closed


Song 3, DontStopThinkingAboutTommorow = foxlogo fades out

*(SW logo appear = track 3, 0:18 (cymbal/beat, b4 lyrics))

*The typical effect style of heavybeat or measurebeat = -Star

Wars logo appearing- a starting timer anchor/effect which

anchores a majority of the discovered starwars film synchs
effective and popular due to the instantaneous appearance of

the logo. gotta love thos poppin star wars logos

repeat1 = hand on windshield

repeat2 = cut to ship

repeat3 = floor opens


keep in mind this is the ORIGINAL ESB! not the special

edition, which is virtually default now so

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 4:49 pm
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