Audio: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
1973, Capital Records (US)

and other Pink Floyd albums (see below)

Video: The Wizard of Oz
1939, MGM Studios,
based on the book by Frank L. Baum

Audio: Track Six - "Echoes"
Meddle by Pink Floyd
Video: "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite"
Stanley Kubrick's 2001
1969, MGM


Welcome to the new Synchronicity Arkive. This is one of the oldest website communities devoted to the mashing up of audio and video. Originally the community called that "audio/visual synchronicity". In 1997, one of our favorites, the match between the movie The Wizard Of Oz and Pink Floyd's seminal album Dark Side Of The Moon, went viral. And that kickstarted our little community. Now, after a long absence, the Arkive is back online and ready to serve that community again.


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