Echoes - Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

Audio: Track Six - "Echoes"
Meddle by Pink Floyd
Video: "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite"
Stanley Kubrick's 2001
1969, MGM

The Setup

The video clip for this synchronicity is the end segment of 2001, subtitled "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite." This segment is the last approx. 23 1000 minutes of the film. The audio for this synchronicity is provided by Pink Floyd's Meddle album, the last track titled "Echoes." "Echoes" is also approx. 23 minutes long.

To start the synchronicity, first pause 2001 at the beginning of "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite"; the screen should be black just before the title "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" phases in. Pause "Echoes" (this is easiest with a cd but if you are using a tape player just get it as close as you can). Unpause both at the same time and enjoy. It's simple, easy, and it's a definite match!!

According to some experimenters out on the net, who used the laser disc of 2001, the very best match up is achieved if the scene (ie. right after the title screen, "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite"), comes up just as the third ping (three, it's the magic number!!) in "Echoes", is heard (SOURCE: Noel Berube, CORRECTED 6/24/97, Thanks Noel!!). See what YOU think...

Alternate Variation:
Audio: Track One - "Atom Heart Mother Suite"
Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd
You can also do this same synchronicity to the first track of the Pink Floyd album, Atom Heart Mother, the Atom Heart Mother suite. This too is approx. 23 minutes in length. However, the match is not as precise as "Echoes." The setup is exactly the same as "Echoes," just pause 2001 right before the title "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" comes up, pause the "Atom Heart Mother Suite," then unpause both them, sit back, and ENJOY THE RIDE!!

The Source

Now you're probably asking, "Where on EARTH did you ever hear about something like this?" Luke DeWitt, one of my fraternity brothers, showed me this synchronicity in college; he found out about it through another brother of ours, Steve Bai. This synch got me hooked on both 2001 and Pink Floyd. I wrote a paper on the symbolism in the segment, which is available on this site. It's been the driving force for me to put up this site, as well as my interest in a lot of other bizarreness and weirdness.

The Evidence

Having since read some biographies on Pink Floyd, I think there is STRONG evidence that this synchronicity is intentional. Both Stanley Kubrick (the director of 2001) and Pink Floyd's members went on record as saying they all regretted that Floyd did not compose the soundtrack for 2001 (that was during PF's soundtrack phase).
According to Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey (arguably the best biography of the Pink Floyd story, and certainly my favorite):

"Roger Waters, yet to balk at the sci-fi association, went so far as to say his 'greatest regret' was that they didn't do the score 1000 for 2001: A Space Odyssey -- parts of which, particularly in the long, mind-blowing hallucinatory sequence near the end, nonetheless sound remarkably Floydian..."
-- (Saucerful of Secrets, by Nicholas Schaffner, pg. 142)

The original lyrics to Floyd's "Echoes" had an outer space theme to them, as opposed to the more well-known nautical imagery in the album version. The original opening line was "Planets meeting face to face" which seems more than coincidental in view of the imagery in the opening of "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite."

But probably the biggest evidence in favor of this synch, is its sheer simplicity. Twenty-three minutes of audio, twenty-three minutes of video. The changes are in the right places, and thematically the music fits the visuals quite well. I don't know of any other synch that really comes close.


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